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William Klein + Daido Moriyama

The second photography exhibition this weekend.  It seems London is full of them at the moment, with an  H.Cartier-Bresson inspired exhibition, and a Tim Walker  review over at Somerset House (both on until January), and “Shoot” at the Photographers Gallery, it seems like every exhibition space wants in on that most vulgar of art forms, photography. Read more…

Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present.

“The exhibition explores early photography from the mid-19th century and the most exciting contemporary photographs, alongside historical painting. It takes a provocative look at how photographers use fine art traditions, including Old Master painting, to explore and justify the possibilities of their art. ” Read more…


Difficult!  Selecting from the images taken for the exercises, not a lot to choose from!  The image captured was often the only acceptable crop, cropping for the sake of it made little sense.  However, there were several shots from the portrait v landscape exercise that lent themselves to a better composition than originally dictated by that exercise.  Having selected 3 that were suitable candidates, choosing how to crop them required much more thinking!  “Trees” seemed an easier decision, but curves and lines was much more tricky to select an appealing crop.  Presented here in order of difficulty! Read more…


Balance, a concept that, after reviewing the catalogue so far, I found much lacking in my shots: and where it was detected, it was present by serendipity, not by selection.  Looking through images taken for the exercises, I found that some had an element of compositional balance, but this was a by-product of looking for a pleasing composition, or trying to catch a contrast. Read more…

Portrait v Landscape

Scenes with a strong vertical component clearly lend themselves to a vertical orientation, and vis versa.  Whilst the sequence of images shows some subjects best suit a certain orientation, not every subject is so clearly pigeonholed. Read more…

Andalucía Cicloturismo

La doble eme: rutas, altimetrías de puertos de Andalucía... Y mucho más.

The Art of Photography

OCA BA Hons Degree in Photography - Level One


Photographs from my world.

Recreation Law

It's not what I write, It's what you Learn

Bicycle Geek

Geeking out on Velocipedestrian Goodness

Travel Enriched

Incredible journeys along roads less travelled

The Freeman View

OCA's Photography course author Michael Freeman in discussion.

OCA BA Hons Degree in Photography - Level One